Charities 2014

Each year, DRAUMA Columbus has donated a portion of the proceeds from the party to a local worthy cause. In 2014, we were so excited to be able to give back to three amazing non profits! These groups each offer something different and important to our cultural landscape. Take some time to check them out and think about getting involved!

Prayers for Alex

Alexandria Reese is a beautiful, kind, caring, creative, and all around amazing woman. An innocent victim, Alix was shot in the neck by gang crossfire at the intersection of Atcheson and Trevitt on the East Side of Columbus. The bullet damaged her spinal cord and left her paralyzed from the shoulders down. Despite tremendous adversity, Alix remains positive and is an inspiration to thousands. The shooter was never apprehended. You can help bring justice for Alix by making a donation today. 



The Columbus Youth Guild

The Columbus Youth Guild is a grass roots non-profit 501(c)(3) group that offers free programs to the community in Sewing, Fashion Design, Crafts, Lego Robotics, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Cross Country, and Soccer.  The CYG is completely volunteer staffed.


Sidreh – Lakiya Negev Weaving

Sidreh is a nonprofit organization established in 1998 to empower, represent
and improve the socio-economic condition of Bedouin women living in Israel’s Negev.