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Voted #1 Hair Salon on, Rendezvous is not your average salon. Offering a wide spectrum of services and staffed by passionate, talented weirdos and pricing hair services based on the length of your hair and not your gender, Rendezvous has become the go-to destination for all kinds of humans seeking a judgement-free salon.

The proud founders of DRAUMA, we are beyond excited to come back for another year and showcase our creative skills alongside our colleagues in this incredibly talented community. We are absolutely thrilled to honor the late, great David Bowie in all his fantastic artistry in hair, makeup, fashion, music, and what we especially stand for: individuality!  


Queen Bee’s Royal Hair Gallery, featuring eninaeG Designs

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Yesssssssss! Queen Bee’s Royal Hair Gallery is back and ready to Bring It in another fabulous production of DRAUMA! Queen Bee’s has always been a huge supporter of DRAUMA and the Rendezvous/Evolved Family and has contributed in multiple capacities in previous DRAUMA productions, but strutting on the runway has always been their ultimate favorite. This year, the Queen Bee’s Design Team is going to bring you a special David Bowie tribute unlike any other you’ve ever seen. David Bowie is known for being all things weird and has made an amazing musical impact on artists, producers and musicians in multiple genres of music throughout his career. Queen Bee’s will present you with the most memorable, David Bowie Remix stage presentation ever, designed to have you all dancing and singing for days!

Queen Bee’s Royal Hair Gallery, was the lovechild born to Dominique “The Queen Bee” in the spring of 2001. Located in the heart of the OSU campus is where they quickly became the favorite of many students looking for an economical salon to meet their needs. In no time, there edgy cuts, urban designs, and creative talents had neighboring communities lining up at their door to see what all the campus buzz was about. Fifteen years later, Queen Bee’s has maintained it’s popularity in the salon industry and expanded to a larger location near north campus to accommodate it’s ever growing clientele. Providing customers with an expanded menu of beauty services, extensions, braids, cuts, custom color, dreadlock maintenance and barbering services are just a few of the many services they provide, 7 days a week. Visit them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at QBROYALHAIR or to learn more about this great salon, their caring staff and what services they offer that make them stand out in a city full of wonderful salons and stylists.
This year, Queen Bee’s is collaborating with multiple creative talents to help create an amazing show. The fashion debut of EninaeG Designs, LLC. will be a force to reckon with as designer Geanine Baylor brings you all custom designs to the runway. Her unique eye for design will be displayed through her creations during Queen Bee’s stage show and will be available for sale after the show. Yes, that means you can have her one of a kind creations, straight from the runway! And just like the Queen Bee’s performance, these designs will be like nothing you’ve ever seen, and only available at DRAUMA2016. Established in July 2015, EninaeG Designs began to take over the internet, offering only unique, custom made designs to an exclusive clientele. With such a high demand for her creative pieces, Geanine decided to create an exclusive line of clothing for families and couples that is due to debut near the end of this year. You will not want to miss out on this rare opportunity to have some of the custom, creative pieces that will grace the runway at DRAUMA2016,,, never to be recreated again!

Last but not least, Pure Hazelle all natural hair and skin care products will finally be debuting in Ohio! This highly sought after product, created and distributed in NYC has been a favorite of the Queen Bee’s Design Team. Used in multiple capacities amongst the designers and models, it was truly an honor to have the creator of this wonderful product, Hollie Johnson, commit to distributing her product at DRAUMA2016. You will see how radiant the model’s skins glow as they grace the runway, and how they’re hair stays beautiful and bouncy with each step. You will not want to miss out on an opportunity to get free samples of this exclusive product as well as purchase some of her amazing creations.

Queen Bee’s Royal Hair Gallery cannot wait to see you all at DRAUMA!!!


Label Yourself Trulie Awesome!


Label Yourself and The Trulie Awesome Show team up again for DRAUMA to present Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps).
The 1995 NIN/David Bowie Outside Tour birthed a version of the song Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps), that has a special place in designer Crys Darling’s heart. We are thrilled to bring our tribute, featuring Trulie Scrumptious’ incredible and unique stage production, to DRAUMA 2016.
Label Yourself:
Trulie Awesome Show:


The Painted Magpie

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“I am Stacia Gorsuch, also known as The Painted Magpie, a freelance special fx/ makeup artist, prop maker, costumer, and set decorator. My resume includes feature films, music videos, print ads, haunted attractions and events across the country.”



LizzyPop is an interactive technology collective founded by Liz Mikolaj and Poppe Tsunami. The fashion side seeks to discover ways to integrate new technological capabilities into beautiful accessories and garments in lively and fun ways as well as collaborate with other artists in bringing fantastical things to life. Theatricality and innovation are principles we’ve always taken from pioneers like David Bowie in our own art, and hope to do one of the original pop renaissance artists proud by bringing to life some of his more conceptual concepts.


Fantastical Faces – Body Art

traumagroup TRAUMA2015

During the day, Kelly Wilmers is a mild mannered Respiratory Therapist. Her secret identity is that of a self-taught special effects makeup artist and body painter that loves to make people look spooky and beautiful. She began in 2000 doing theatrically based special effects makeup with the Legion of Terror at Bloodview Haunted House and The Scare-A-Torium. She has also participated in past TRAUMA and DRAUMA events as a makeup artist with the Dolls of Evolved, and her first solo runway show, this past October for TRAUMA 2016. Her wife Loraine is her partner in crime for all current and future artistic endeavors.
David Bowie’s ability to transform himself into a different character for every album has been a source of inspiration for the current runway show. The blurring of gender in his fashion is the main drive behind this year’s designs.
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House of Baboski


House of Baboski is more than clothing, it’s a brand that was started in 2004. Originally called Baboski fashions in 1999 the name was changed to accommodate the different styles and titles held added in. House of Baboski has a group of working models, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, make up artists and photographers. Luscious Ladies is a line under the House of Baboski brand. It is a clothing line designed for the everyday woman with curves. Carrying sizes 14 and up there are pieces ranging from swimwear, lingerie, everyday wear and evening wear. Adding exotic wear and fetish wear in 2014 helped expand the business as well as broadening the clientele. Phantum’s Phantasy Apparel has been a hit at the fashion shows ever since. I have been involved with the DRAUMA and TRAUMA family for 3 years now. I have been a fashion designer, makeup artist and volunteer. David Bowie’s music is beyond inspirational, I cant wait to showcase my set inspired by the album : HUNKY DORY.

For orders you can email
Website coming soon at


The Velvet Hearts!

The Velvet Hearts! are one of the premier burlesque troupes in the Midwest. Founded in 2008, Viva Valezz! and her Velvet Hearts! took Ohio by storm…then the Midwest, the U.S, and then the world! They are a kick-ass group of hot, all queer-identified strip-teasers who love to perform. In 2011, the Velvet Hearts! were nominated by Columbus Alive! Magazine as Columbus, Ohio’s best dance company- the FIRST and ONLY burlesque troupe to EVER be nominated! They have performed in large festivals such as the Boston Burlesque Expo, the Windy City Burlesque Festival, the FIERCE! Queer International Burlesque Festival (which is spearheaded by the Velvet Hearts’! fearless leader Viva Valezz!) and Chicago’s Queerpocalypse. They have also performed at Columbus’ annual Halloween event, Trauma. They love performing, they love glitter, they love girls, they love boys, and most of all the love their fans! Each performer taking the stage at DRAUMA this year has been inspired and motivated by the works of David Bowie. From his unwavering commitment to being himself to his role model status as a queer icon, he has shaped the members of the Velvet Hearts! in unforgettable and valuable ways. Check them out on the web at or find them on Facebook at either Viva Valezz or Velvet Hearts.


Madam Ofeelya Redd’s Discord Threads


Discord Threads is owned and operated by Madam Ofeelya Redd. Redd is well-known in Columbus as a burlesque sing and fling performer with The Columbus Burlesque Collective, and is also a member of the Crimson Lace Cabaret. She started sewing as a wee lass when her grandmother showed her how to use her sewing machine. Since then she has sewn in costume shops, tailor shops and now has her own sewing and design studio. She loves creating new designs for burlesque, but also often helps her daughter create cosplay designs. While she can create from patterns, draft a pattern or drape, she prefers buying gently used clothing and taking it apart and creating something new from multiple pieces. She is excellent with alterations, but prefers the creativity designing allows. This is her second year on the Drauma runway, and she is delighted to be presenting the Labyrinth section of the Bowie tribute. As a teen growing up in the eighties with four younger siblings, Labyrinth was watched over and over and over again, and has always been one of her favorite movies. She would have been thrilled to do any of the Bowie themes though, because he was such a creative soul who wasn’t afraid to take risks.


Ravens Menagerie- Creations by Heather Materu


Heather Materu is a bodyguard by career and a self taught special effects artist by choice. Heather comes from a long line of amazing artists and has been recognized for her her talents of many art mediums since an early age. It is astonishing what she can recreate from every day objects used in her projects. Heather has created for her community by participating in TRAUMA, DRAUMA, and Zombiewalk Columbus for many years and also contributed to a horror movie filmed in Columbus due to be released in October 2016. In DRAUMA 2016 Heather will also be introducing her business partner and daughter Consy Materu. At twelve years old, Consy has also showed immense promise as an up and coming artist. Consy has contributed to Ravens Menagerie not only as a creative director by putting in many hours with her own creations but also as a model. She has been featured in up and coming movie Harvest Season, she is active with Zombiewalk Columbus and assisted Heather behind the scenes for both TRAUMA and DRAUMA. Ravens Menagerie is thrilled to pay homage to David Bowie at DRAUMA 2016. David Bowie has had a huge influence both musically and artistically in the life of both Heather and Consy and couldn’t be happier to have the theme of Labyrinth for DRAUMA 2016. Labyrinth happens to be the favorite movie of both Heather and Consy and they have watched it religiously 1-3 times a week for years. Ravens Menagerie looks forward to bringing the magic to DRAUMA 2016.


Gypsy Gem Custom


Gypsy Gem Custom is excited to be part of DRAUMA again this year! David Bowie was inspirational as an artist without boundaries, who’s vision brought out passion and fashion in every arena he touched, which is a creed that we at Gypsy Gem Custom share! From draumatic to demure, out-of-this world fantasy to every-day appeal…he was an ICON!
Gypsy Gem Custom is your one-stop shop for jewelry, hair accessories, and costuming needs. Bridal, Prom, Burlesque, Fantasy to Every Day Wearables! CUSTOM has never been so fun & affordable! Offering photo shoot & show rentals as well. We specialize in making your accessory dreams come true!

Ran by partners Heather & John Roberts located in Dayton, Ohio



Mlady’s Coutorier


“I have been constructing historical reproductions for fifteen years and waist training corsets for the last ten. In the past three years I have been featured by pinup models Jess W. and Cortney Maylee, and created corsets and costumes for Cin City Burlesque. Last year Team Madam Ofeelya’s Discord Threads invited me to assist with dressing models and some last minute stitching for DRAUMA. When Madam invited me to design for some of the models this year we were over the moon with joy to find out that the theme would be David Bowie and we would be working on The Labyrinth. From the first moment I first saw the movie, I was enthralled in the complexity of the message as well as the artistry of the costumes, sets, and music. This movie has always been close to my heart and I am ecstatic to design for the ballroom scene along side such creative talent.
You can see more of our work at or follow us on and @sewingwench on Twitter.”


ElectroCult Circus

ElectroCult Circus

We are a collective of misfits, free thinking artists, musicians, dancers and comedians. We have a long history in the community causing scenes and putting on our strange performance art. Our shows are an amalgamation of all of our combined wildest dreams and creative fantasies come to live. A show you truly must experience to believe. We love to be a part of this year’s DRAUMA because David Bowie is our guru..our spirit animal. We will follow him into the next dimension and beyond…


Artsyquirkylove Designs

CandyMic Design

“To be able to do something I love and have a passion for is a blessing I’m grateful everyday to be able to design. I have 13 years experience in Fashion Design. My garments are fun and extremely creative. I studied at Alabama A&M University and American Intercontinental University in Fashion Design for six years all together. My ultimate goal is to see Artsyquirkylove Designs have a store front or be invested by department stores to carry. I just want my designs to be appreciated and accepted by people who admire a innovative concept of clothing and accessories such as me.”  -Candace


Oliver Valdienne


His vision comes from being a “Fashion Anarchist” who plays by no one else’s rules but his own when it comes to fashion. “Fashion Never Dies People Do.”




World of Agape

FB_IMG_1452789689020 FB_IMG_1452789369419

“Graduated from AIU Atl,GA in 2002. Began a career as a professional designer for performing
artists in 2003. The clothing is elegant and edgy. Created with beauty and functionality at heart.
The Agape Goddess Wear Collection was featured in the first New York Plus Fashion Week in
2009. In Virgin Islands Fashion Week in 2006 and Alaska Fashion Week in 2013. Many
musicians have graced stages all over the globe in my custom couture gowns. As well as a
wonderful bounty of clientele from Alaska to Africa and everywhere in between. My mission is to
empower women and be a conduit for their perfect self expression. I create for all sizes and ages
because I capture the individual essence of each client. My style is bohemian, edgy, rich-lady
chic with a flare of cultural elegance and royalty. When I make a garment for someone, I also
make a friend for life. They rave about how good they feel when they wear their piece and how
continuously the compliments flow. I am blessed to have this gift and to share it with the world.”


Ooh-La-Las Burlesque

OLL at Trauma 2015 Print

The Ooh-La-Las have been undressed in the Midwest since 2004 and are the longest running burlesque troupe in Columbus. The Las have been producing main stage shows for Trauma the past 3 years and are excited for their main stage appearance for the wildly fashionable world of Drauma. Following the imagination of producer Dolly Moxy the Las will incorporate their own distinct stage personas and costume designing skills while drawing inspiration from David Bowie’s androgynous looks, bright colors and powerful messages.


Inspired BY:

Studio Posh & Posh Productions

with Canadian Waves

Inspired By: is a collective of creative from various backgrounds who wish to draw inspiration from one another. We are all just looking for an excuse to make shit. The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the Human Soul.

Dystopian Diamonds

Cat Green Designs

Oliver Valdienne