Rendezvous Hair Salon


We want to make your salon experience as unique and memorable as you are. Our mission is to consistently bring you the freshest styles and ideas, by keeping up with the current trends and constantly educating ourselves about the best practices. All of our stylists support one another in their personal strengths and goals within the beauty industry and the community. We promise to pay close attention to the details of your service, maintain the highest standard in the cleanliness of our salon, exceed your expectations, and keep you coming back for more!

Beauty by Becca N.

becca n

Morbid FX/Scott Sliger



studio posh

“Studio Posh. Alternative and creatively free since 1993. Three convenient locations throughout central Columbus. Where doing hair is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. Hair and art ’til death do us part.”


The Trulie Awesome Show

trulie awesome

The Trulie Awesome Show, Label Yourself, and Red Thread Creations Present Oh My Cod! A Piece. Our show is made mostly from found and reused objects. Paper and plastic are heavily represented for it’s impact on water and therefor, all life. The candy coated exterior of the show mirrors society’s reluctance to take this matter seriously in our everyday lives. Oh My Cod! A Piece. features sculptural paper costumes, found item fashions, and four months worth of collected garbage.

 The Trulie Awesome Show is set in a world that is half made up, half hard to believe. Trulie’s pop-up Book style dance theatre, featuring paper costumes and props, is an experience that will entice, intrigue, and delight.

Label Yourself

Label Yourself is an Eco fashion label created to celebrate your individual style.

Fashion Designer,  Crys Darling and Metalsmith Artist, Sarah K, work together to design original wearable art, costumes and jewelry locally in their Olde Town East studio. Each piece is created from vintage and salvaged fabrics and materials.

Crys Darling and Sarah K, have recently started an Eco Fashion Club at Berwick School. A program designed to promote positive body image through fashion.  Students will have a runway fashion show in May.

Red Thread Creations

RedThreadCreations is a bunch of concoctions that Button Le Bouton has made. Puppets, costumes, props, shoes, paintings, stocking-stuffers are all made with love and a few threads still showing. 😉

Photo Credit Bortmas Photo
Logo Lindsey Toothman

Alora Donahue

alora donahue

The summarization of this young, creative innovator can simply be put
as “Sheer Brilliance in a Colorfully Crafted Bottle”. Dimples Diamond
is an abstract fashion designer, fine artist, aspiring couture model
and sultry burlesque bombshell. This eccentric fine artist whose
signature style uses flowing organic shapes and influences through
paint, also uses recyclable materials that she reimagines into
alternative fashion wear, and original show pieces. Alongside being an
exhibiting member and teacher of the local art scene, Miss Diamond has
been performing burlesque and modeling for three years. She is a
Principal Headliner and Alternative Materials Advisor for Crimson Lace
Cabaret, who is Always producing, Always imagining.


House of Baboski


House of Baboski is a brand that was started in 2004. Originally called Baboski fashions in 1999 the name was changed to accommodate the different styles and titles held added in. Luscious Ladies is a line under the House of Baboski brand. It is a clothing line designed for the everyday woman with curves. Carrying sizes 14 and up there are pieces ranging from swimwear, lingerie, everyday wear and evening wear. Adding exotic wear and fetish wear in 2014 helped expand the business as well as broadening the clientele. Phantum’s Phantasy Apparel  has been a hit at the fashion shows.

Hair and makeup for house of Baboski will be done by house of Baboski and Beyoutiful by Mandi Owens


Fantastical Faces – Body Art

kelly carpenter

During the day, Kelly Carpenter is a mild mannered Respiratory Therapist. Her secret identity is that of a self-taught special effects makeup artist and body painter that loves to make people look spooky and beautiful. She began in 2000 doing theatrically based special effects makeup with the Legion of Terror at Bloodview Haunted House. Now, the Scare-A-Torium is where she presently works as a makeup artist and scare actor. She has also participated in past TRAUMA and DRAUMA events as a makeup artist with the Dolls of Evolved and on her own. Her partner in crime of 7 years, Loraine, and their daughter are the inspiration for the craziness that emerges from her brushes and sponges.

Bobbi Jo Gonzalez of Aftershock Art

bobby jo

In 2008, I began working for a charity home haunt called Broadview Bloodbath. Those who worked there did their own makeup and that was the beginning of my passion for face and body art. When that haunt closed, I new I had fallen in love with the haunted house industry and so found my new haunt home at the Scareatorium. After apprenticing and many classes later, I was employed as a professional makeup artist in 2012. I am currently a Chief Makeup artist for the Scareatorium and the owner of my own Face and Body Art company called Aftershock Art. I am also a nurse by day and a mom of 4 very awesome kids. My family and friends are the ones who make my world spin ’round….sometimes counterclockwise…but only if I’m lucky!

Hair by Steve Carter


Very Bad Wolf


Fashion and jewelry inspired by the dark, the magical and the other worldly.

Hair by Maggie Mescher


Diamond Hunter


 Atomik Geisha ! by Gawain El Hasan with music by Charles Anthony

atomik geisha


Bloody Messy Girls

bloody  messy


Team Madam Ofeelya Redd’s Discord Threads

madam ofeelya

Madam Ofeelya owner of Madam Ofeelya Redd’s Discord Threads is a mother, wife, software support technician, burlesque sing and fling performer, and designer and seamstress.  Watching her grandmother sew piqued her interest in sewing and throughout her life she has learned techniques from her grandmother, mother, costume shops, tailor shops and CCAD.  With the fashion industry being a major water polluter, Redd’s designs encourage reuse and are eco-friendly.  Eighty percent of her designs come to life from procuring gently-used garments and cutting them apart and merging them with other pieces to become a new work of art.  She is an Otterbein graduate, a former Velvet Heart and Sex Kitten and now a member of the Columbus Burlesque Collective.  Also just days ago, she applied for the next season of Project Runway.

Raven Menagerie Creations by Heather Materu

heather materu

Heather Materu, 36, resident of Columbus Ohio and mother of eleven year old daughter, Consy. Artist of multiple mediums and professional bodygaurd. After being faced with health issues I started focusing on my art as an escape and form of therapy. I took my love for special effects make up and in 2015 made my professional debut as a make up artist at TRAUMA. I’m excited to be participating at Drauma. At DRAUMA this year I will be doing make up and hair for Discord Threads and also offering creative input to the team.

Heather Roberts of Gypsy Gem Custom Jewelry (jewelry, model)

Loren Delk of Gypsy Gem Custom Jewelry (jewelry, model)

 John Roberts of Gypsy Gem Custom Jewelry

Gypsy Gem Custom Jewelry is a one-stop shop for all your jewelry, hair accessory, and costuming needs, as well as styling services & event services!Heather Roberts, John Roberts, and Loren Delk bring love, creativity, and the desire to make you exactly what you want.We believe your smile is your best accessory. All we do is help bring it out!



ryain 2

Put together boyish, prissy, unpredictable, punk and urban and you’ve got Keyona Gore’s RYAIN, Fashion Elements Clothing. Keyona does not like to categorize her fashion as one particular aesthetic. She likes the edginess of urban punk with a rather boyish side but doesn’t want her fashions to ever be pigeonholed to one style. From ball gowns to hip hop, leaning towards punk is the best she can do in describing her ‘style’. This is what she believes sets her apart from other designers who prefer to follow one particular style. “I guess you can say I keep my viewers guessing on what I’m going to do next.”


 Dr. Grimaldi Circus

dr grimaldi

The Moon, The Earth, The Water.

A Celtic poem presented by Dr. Grimaldi Circus.

Dr. Grimaldi Circus, Columbus’s #1 Rock-n-roll Circus!